Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Changes in


The majority of changes in build 49 are minor bug fixes and fixes to crashing bugs that have been recently reported. These, plus several fixes to minor issues such as error message text, and minor asthetic enhancements, are not explicitly listed here.


  • A new 4.0 revision of the Analytica Tutorial is included.


  • The ability to Print and Print Preview is finally getting to the point where it is usable.


  • EvaluateScript fixed. It wasn't recording and returning typescript output.
  • Second parameter to Shuffle is now optional and defaults to Run.
  • Definitions are now automatically parsed when the definition of a variable is set using the assignment operator (:=), so that the objects are no longer cross-hatched after the assignment.


  • The default view for an index value, or for an array containing only textual values, is now table rather than graph.
  • Several fixes to DetermTables problems.


  • Copying a graph as a bitmap (e.g., into word using Paste special...) now works.
  • When you Copy/Paste a graph into another app (e.g., Word, Powerpoint), it looks better than it did. Lines and fills were ugly.


  • ADE now comes with one combined User Guide, which encompasses what were formerly two manuals, the ADE user guide and the ADE tutorial.

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