Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Changes in

Various minor bug fixes are not listed here.


  • Build (and build to a lesser extent) had a problem where commas would be inserted into table definitions after editing an edit table. If you made changes to edit tables using or, you might need to remove these from the expr definition view. Two manifestations of this might have occurred:
Table(I)(12, 45, 22, 33, , 45, 33, 22,)
                     ^        ^

Note the double comma and the extra comma at the end. If these occurred, manually remove them from expr view in the definition pane, e.g. to get:

Table(I)(12, 45, 22, 33, 45, 33, 22)


The file path of the recovery file was added to the recovery dialog that appears when you restart Analytica following a crash or abnormal termination. This makes it easier to find if you need to send us the autosave file in a bug report, or if you need to edit it (in the event that an operation recorded in the recovery file is causing the crash).


  • GetProcessInfo: New function added. GetProcessInfo("Process ID") returns the Process ID, or PID, of the Analytica or ADE process. Primarily of use for ADE.exe users.


  • When rendering a graph takes a very long time (e.g., a graph with a million data points), pressing Ctrl-Break aborts the rendering process and jumps to table view. A new message appears in the result window indicating this.

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