Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Build had a very annoying problem that was not detected before it was released. Random commas would be inserted into table definitions. If you edited table definitions using the Analytica GUI from, you may need to edit them in expr view and remove the commas. had a similar problem with putting commas at the end

(numerous minor bug fixes are not listed here)


  • Build was inserting an extra comma at the end of table definitions. This causes a syntax error outside of build If you load a model saved from into 3.1 or, you will have to remove the trailing comma at the end of the table definition from expr edit mode.

When the table definitions are shown, you'll see a definition such as:

 Table(I ,J)(34,  25, 1, 1, 1, 2, 34, 33, 22, 22, 11, )

Notice the extra comma at the end. You'll need to remove this manually. This comma was incorrectly inserted due to a problem in build beta that we did not catch before releasing

  • Numerous fixes involving SubTables.

Functions / Engine

  • Unique(A,I): Bug fix when A has indexes other than I (present in, not in 3.1)
  • MdTable: The default value for a cell whose coordinate does not appear in the original table is now Null (was formerly Undefined). This can be overridden by explicitly specifying the optional defaultVal parameter of MdTable.


  • Statistics view now always defaults to the table view.
  • In continuous PDF/CDF views, the common index must now always be Step, the control for changing common index is hidden, and Step does not appear as a possible selection on the Key pulldown.

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