Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Fixed/Changed in

  • Structuring and enhancement of Table/Index splicing.
    • Tables based on computed indexes adjust to changes.
    • CorrespondenceMethod attribute of index determines how correspondence between old and new index values is determined (Associational, Positional, Hybrid).
    • New SpliceIndex and SpliceTable typescript commands.
    • When rows/cols are added (spliced), table definitions are preserved, not regenerated from parsed definitions.
  • Abbrev date format now uses "d-MMM-yyyy"
  • Fixed numerous minor visual glitches.
  • Copy/Pasting:
    • Fixes to pasting into indexes, especially with very long lists.
    • Pasting table cells with more than 255 chars.
    • Pasting/OLE Linking from edit table uses actual definitions, not regenerated parse.
  • Functions:
    • added IndexValue(I) function as a built-in function
    • Several bug fixes to MdArrayToTable. Parameter L can be varTerms, records index values, not result values, as the coordinates. Fixes to a couple error messages.
    • Fixes to @ operator and PositionInIndex. @[A=x] when A has self-index. @Time inside a dynamic.
    • Bug: In a button script, (Va1 := "B") should store "B", but was storing B (without quotes)
    • DateAdd, DatePart: A few additional unit/part parameter options (e.g., weekday).
    • Parameter to Cdf/Pdf functions renamed from method to binMethod.
    • SubTable - Several bug fixes.
  • Engine:
    • Fixed some crashes/interactions when Iterate is nested inside a Dynamic.
    • A couple fixes to changes that were not being recovered by crash recovery.
    • Explicit lists appearing inside Concat, CopyIndex or the <expr> part of Index J:=<expr> do... are not picked up as self-indexes.
    • Removed non-functional denigrated system function NaN.
  • UI:
    • Right-arrow, left-arrow keys move to next/previous cell when you are editing a table cell but are at the first/last character.
    • Make-importance: Additional node positions and graph settings set. Commas included in the index definition. Graph initially set with Swap XY, input variables on X-axis, bar. Nodes added appear under result var.
    • Bug: totals column wasn't updating when slicer value was incremented.

ADE Relevant Changes in

  • Tables automatically "splice" when an index definition is changed.
  • CATable::DefTable is SubTable-aware. If a variable is defined by SubTable, you can call CATable::DefTable on that variable to obtain a definition table, but CATable:Update changes the Original table.
  • CAEngine::SendCommand didn't work from Automation (it did work from COM).
  • Updates to ADE Reference and ADE Tutorial manuals.

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